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The Flash Season 6 Episode 11 Watch Online

The Flash Season 6 Episode 11 Watch Online
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With the promo out, we see that another inter-galactic meta human has entered the race. The audience is introduced to Gypsy (Cynthia Morgan), a bounty hunter from Earth-19, who wants to take Harrison Wells back (to Earth-19) as he is guilty of some crime. She has been sent to capture and to bring him back so that he could dealt with. Cisco starts to like her, but he is forced to fight her (along with Barry), so that she could be stopped. But, she appears to be more bad ass than both of them combined and her powers are somewhat similar to that of Vibe. Better in combat, more powerful and what not! This episode will surely be a delightful one to watch.

With the start of the Season 6, DC fans are super excited. By DC fans, I mean fans of the show The Flash, in particular. The tenth episode is all set get aired. From the promo, it is undoubtedly clear that it is going to be totally savage. As foretold by Savitar, team Flash is about to face a devastating fate.

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