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The Flash Season 6 Episode 12 Watch Online

The Flash Season 6 Episode 12 Watch Online
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With the well awaited episode-promo out recently. we notice plenty of things taking place. The promo opens up with Barry fostering Kid Flash. with bits of humor and lightness. But we know how action-dramas are. right? Humor is added merely to tone-down the growing anxiety. (in the background.) and to aware the audience that something nasty is waiting. Clive Yorkin, a meta human is on rampage and on a spree of killing people in a perplexing manner. causing his victims to decompose off. Barry and his team at S.T.A.R Labs work together to put an end to this menace.

The team (Barry, Joe, Iris and Kid Flash) go to defeat Yorkin. Underestimating their enemy’s power, the team gets pinned down amidst firefight. Yorkin gets after Joe. but somehow Iris manages to get in his line of fire and hence gets trapped between the crossfire. Probably the plot will shift towards Iris. where she, with the help of her Killer Frost abilities will defeat Yorkin. and save her allies. No wonder there are so many possibilities in the DC Universe. Anyway, this is one of the episodes where we see Barry’s mentor-side. Kid Flash has a lot to learn from Barry. Hence, the training from Barry would surely help Kid Flash to enhance his powers and to learn how to use it efficiently.

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