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The Flash Season 6 Episode 13 Watch online

The Flash Season 6 Episode 13 Watch online
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The promo has been out a while for this episode of the Flash and it looks amazing! The series returns after Valentine’s Day to explore Gorilla City. In the last episode, we saw that Harrison Wells has been kidnapped and the team is all set to rescue him from Gorilla City. Gorilla City is fictional city hidden in the African jungles. To reach there, Barry and his team use the Speed Force. The team reaches there, and things turn nasty.

Let’s us do a trailer breakdown. The trailer opens up with Barry and Dorn in conversation about the ‘planet of the apes’. Barry does not want people to know about their expedition to the wild lands. Anyway, the team takes up the Speed Force and arrive in Gorilla City. Not to forget Tom Felton’s Indiana Jones outfit. Gorilla City is a jungle that is inhabited by intelligent gorillas that have come from a two-mooned world (as per the comics). There resides Gorilla Grodd, a super intelligent gorilla who gained psychogenic abilities after being exposed to the radiation of a meteorite. The team suspects that it is him who was involved in the abduction, but we later on get to know that it wasn’t him, but Solovar, another hyper-intelligent gorilla who lives in Gorilla City. Grodd drops a bait of alliance and as soon as the people pass out, they find themselves in cages. Well, it is one of those episodes where the hunters become the hunted. Ironic, right? The Gorilla City leader, Solovar, was behind abducting Harrison Wells because he wanted invade Earth-1, and just like any other villain, rule over Central City. Meanwhile, Kid Flash and Jesse are busy fighting a metahuman who controls gravity.

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