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The Flash Season 6 Episode 1 watch online Spoilers

The Flash Season 6 Episode 1 watch online Spoilers
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One major question that is boggling the minds of a lot of people is that what is the fate of Barry? We all saw what happened in the last season finale. We witnessed Barry enter the Speed-Force never to return again. But hey, that sacrifice was much needed, right? No? Anyway, fans everywhere are asking just one question – Will Barry return? A sigh of relief for all those people, Barry is all set to return in the next season of The Flash and the episode has been named – The Flash Reborn.theflashseason6episode1

What is up, fans? Seems like there is an ongoing confusion regarding the title of the upcoming episode of The Flash. As per the comics, the episode should be titled The Flash: Rebirth, but the creators at CW have decided to go with Reborn. Well, Barry will return (unlike what people who thought that he is quite dead), and there is a possibility that this return will be around another dimension in the Speed-Force. Since things have gone horribly bad in the present dimension, we hope Barry gets a fix to it at the earliest. After all, the rogues cannot outrun him, enemies cannot outmatch him.

As per the official reports, we can expect some new enemies like Machete and Dominion. There are also speculations that Blacksmith will feature soon. So, stay tuned for more Flash action, because Barry is coming back!

Barry will soon realise that he can’t get the things as the way he wanted – After saving his parents Barry started living in a peaceful world with his both parents. New Speedster, Kid flash, running around saving the city. Barry started to forget his old life and continued to live in his new alternate universe. In addition to loosing memories his powers also started to fade away. Barry must decide whether he wants to live in alternate world or return to his universe as The Flash.

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