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The Flash Season 6 Episode 2 Watch Online Predictions

The Flash Season 6 Episode 2 Watch Online Predictions
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Finally, Barry is back in Central City. Credits go to Cisco, who made the risky attempt of freeing Barry from the Speed Force. Everybody rejoices because Barry is back. But it the real Barry? Well, no. Since Barry has spent a lot of time in the Speed Force, things have turned upside down for him.theflashseason6episode2

His mind is in constant tumult regarding the reality of time, because all he knows that he did something remarkable for the people of Central City. But hey, he is our beloved superhero and we know that he will be back to normal soon. Anyway, Alexandra La Roche has taken the director seat for this episode and we can expect some really cool things to come. From the teaser, it is quite sure that yet again, Barry will confront a dangerous metahuman, while he will also branch out to solve things with Iris. After all, six months is a long time and things (and relationships) often get jeopardized over the course of time. We can also expect some romantic action between Cisco and Gypsy.

Barry began to experience the after-effects of the Flashpoint. A drunk driver killed Cisco’s brother and now Cisco is mad at Barry because Barry refused to run back in time to stop it from happening, this gives us the glimpse of the darkest side of altering the timeline. Meanwhile, Barry meets a new co-worker Julian and he was surprised by her immediate disdain from him.

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