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The Flash Season 6 Episode 3 Watch Online Spoilers

The Flash Season 6 Episode 3 Watch Online Spoilers
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This one is quite strange because another metahuman will terrorize Central City this time, which goes by the name of Hazard. The name is quite apt, since Becky (her original name) has powers by which she can cast spells and give others a bad luck. Well, bad luck is the least thing Barry can imagine in his life right now.theflashseason6episode3

After the internal tumult and all the crazy things going on between himself and Iris, Barry is shattered and has even taken aback. What is the worst thing about Hazard? She benefits from all the ill omens she casts on her victims. Anyway, we will encounter Harrison Wells once again, who will too have a role to play. Do watch it when it premiers.

Barry and the Team Flash reunited with Earth-2 Wells and Jesse. Dr Wells told them about Jesse and her powers of a speedster which she was using for saving peoples of Earth-2. Dr Wells is more concerned about her safety and wants them to teach her how to control her powers. Meanwhile, Magenta, a new meta-human who can control any metal, terrorised the whole Central City.

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